About me

I'm a Video Editor and Social Media Manager from Perth, Australia, working in both short form and long form content. I enjoy working on cool and innovative projects that go against the mainstream.

My job is to edit your videos so that they're engaging and hook you in but at the same time leave the viewer satisfied and not overwhelmed. Moreover, I add a personal touch and make sure that your videos are easy to digest and not just the same boring content that viewers are used to so that you stick out as someone above the rest. I have built up profiles for companies and individuals both large and small.

What i'm doing

  • design icon

    Video Editing

    The most modern and high-quality edits made at a professional level.

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    Video Production

    High-quality production and building up of content.

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    Social Media Management

    Professional handling of how people view you online.



  1. Robotics Engineering and Computer Science

    2023 — 2027

    Learning all about solving problems and designing solutions.

  2. High School

    2017 — 2022

    Studying high-level Math and Science alongside Drama as a creative outlet.


  1. Social Media Manager

    2020 — 2023

    Producing and editing all content for the MythosCraft tiktok page, bringing the brand from 0 to 120,000 followers

  2. Video Editor

    2023 — 2024

    Editing episodes for the Time Chasers online game show

My skills

  • Premiere Pro
  • Motion Graphics
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design